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The Bar Council is called upon to provide legal assistance, cooperation in the protection of civil rights and freedoms, as well as cooperation in the development and application of law. Advocates offer legal assistance of the highest quality, while maintaining complete confidentiality in the context of professional secrecy. The main pillar of the legal profession is independence – advocates are guided in their actions only by the interests of the client, the law and the code of advocate ethics. The District Bar Council in Łódź comprises more than 1 000 lawyers offering help in all areas of law.

The professional title of advocate is subject to legal protection. This title is given to those who graduated the university with the master’s degree after 5 years of study, completed a 3 year apprenticeship period and passed the Bar Examination. The long process of getting qualified to practice as an advocate guarantees the highest quality of services provided by legal aid advocates.

Advocate’s assistance may involve not only appearing in courts, but also provision of legal advice, assistance in proceedings before the Polish authorities, investment counseling, mediation and providing support for foreign companies doing business in Poland

The range of cases in which an advocate may help include:

– Civil law –  governing the material and non-material relations between subjects of law, i.e. both natural persons and legal persons. Regarding civil law, you can receive assistance in the matters of property law, contract law, inheritance law and family and custody law

 Labour law –  governing relationship between employees and employers.

– Trade law – governing widely understood economic relationship between professional entities, including their creation and transformation, managing the investment process and law on real estate trade.

– Administration law –  governing legal relationship between legal entities and national and self-governing authority bodies. Regarding the administrative law, an advocate can advise you in such areas as e.g. law on foreigners, construction law, tax law and environment protection law.

– Criminal law – governing the issues of criminal liability for acts prohibited under penalty. Regarding the criminal law, you can receive assistance in proceedings related to criminal offences and misdemeanors, as well as assistance in proceedings instituted under the Penal and Fiscal Code.

Contact details of Łódź advocate offices, together with preferred areas of law which advocates indicated below deal with, are shown below.

For more detailed information on our professional self-governing authority and the advocate profession, including also the access to the profession, please contact the District Bar Association Office in Łodź at the telephone number: 42 632 78 12, e-mail: . You are also welcomed to visit the District Bar Association site at: Wólczańska 199, 90 – 531, Łódź.


LEGAL OFFICE adw. Agnieszka Bachlińska

ADDRESS: ul. Pomorska 19 lok. 38, 90-202 Łódź

TELEPHONE: 609 659 196


AREA OF LAW: civil law, family law, criminal law


LEGAL OFFICE adw. Zbigniew Bakalarczyk

ADDRESS: ul. Piotrkowska 211 lok. 6/6a, 90-451 Łódź

TELEPHONE: 605 693 001


AREA OF LAW: civil law, family law, company law, granting residence status, commercial law (contract law)


LEGAL OFFICE adw. Radosław Bednarz

ADDRESS: ul. 28 Pułku Strzelców Kaniowskich 11, 90-749 Łódź

TELEPHONE: 601 771 742

AREA OF LAW: civil law, criminal law, administrative law


LEGAL OFFICE adw. Agnieszka Bełdowska-Marzec

ADDRESS: ul.Piotrkowska 134/2, 90-062 Łódź

TELEPHONE: (42) 637 65 85


AREA OF LAW: civil law, commercial law


LEGAL OFFICE adw. Alicja Bień

ADDRESS: ul.  Pawilońska 47, 91-487 Łódź

TELEPHONE: 42 630 40 10; 601 364 369


AREA OF LAW: civil law, commercial law, labour law, construction law, public procurement law, administrative law


LEGAL OFFICE adw.  Michał Bińkowski

ADDRESS: Ul. Piotrkowska 249/251 lok. C35, 90-456 Łódź

TELEPHONE: 504 130 002


AREA OF LAW: general practice


LEGAL OFFICE adw. Jakub Czarnecki

ADDRESS: ul. 6 Sierpnia 14/5, 90-416 Łódź

TELEPHONE: 600 054 519


AREA OF LAW: civil law, commercial law, company law, real property management law, labour law, intellectual property law, law of succession, tax law


LEGAL OFFICE Eger & Eger Adwokaci Spółka Partnerska adw. Bartosz Eger

ADDRESS: ul. Narutowicza 57 lok. 2A, 90–130 Łódź

TELEPHONE: 603 380 444


AREA OF LAW: civil law,  commercial law, medical law, industrial property law, public procurement law,  corporate insolvency law, copyright law, IT law


LEGAL OFFICE Eger & Eger Adwokaci Spółka Partnerska adw. Katarzyna Eger

ADDRESS: ul. Narutowicza 57 lok. 2A, 90–130 Łódź

TELEPHONE: 604 962 090


AREA OF LAW: civil law, competition law, intellectual property law, public procurement law; corporate insolvency law


LEGAL OFFICE adw.Lilianna Felczyńska-Fiks

ADDRESS: A. Struga 13-21, lok. 105, 95-100 Zgierz

al. Mickiewicza 15/10, 91-443 Łódź

TELEPHONE: 668 205 486


AREA OF LAW: civil lawfamily law, inheritance law, real estate law


LEGAL OFFICE Florczak Keller i Wspólnicy sp.j.

ADDRESS:  ul. Polskiej Organizacji Wojskowej 23 lok. 3, 90-248 Łódź

TELEPHONE: 501 632 494


AREA OF LAW: civil law, contract law, indemnities, services for entrepreneurs, tax law, criminal law, enforcement law, real property management law


LEGAL OFFICE adw. Katarzyna Fulko

ADDRESS: ul. Narutowicza 53 lok. 2a, 90-130 Łódź

TELEPHONE: 503 135 919


AREA OF LAW: commercial law, civil law, real property management law, tax law, arbitrage, mediation


LEGAL OFFICE adw. Janusz Goński

ADDRESS: ul. Piotrkowska 46 l. 3, 90-265 Łódź

TELEPHONE:  509 771 341


AREA OF LAW: civil law, commercial law, family law


LEGAL OFFICE  adw. Dariusz Jankowski

ADDRESS:  ul. Piotrkowska 29 lok. 10, 90-410 Łódź

TELEPHONE: 882 002 211


AREA OF LAW: company law, commercial law, law of succession


LEGAL OFFICE adw. Paweł Jasitczak

ADDRESS: ul. Gospodarcza 5 l. 38, 93-335 Łódź

TELEPHONE: 603 07 34 66


AREA OF LAW: granting residence status, help with matters concerning employment, help with acquiring all necessary permits for registering vehicles by foreigners, direct representation of the customer in courts and other national authorities, legal counselling


LEGAL OFFICE adw. Joanna Kaźmierczak

ADDRESS:  ul. Narutowicza 44, 90-254 Łódź

TELEPHONE: 608 498 077


AREA OF LAW: general practice


LEGAL OFFICE adw. Patrycja Kaźmierczak

ADDRESS:  ul. Targowa 35, 90-043 Łódź

TELEPHONE: 509 477 304


AREA OF LAW: construction law, setting up and managing companies, restructuring and conversion of companies, tax consulting, transfer pricing, ongoing management of business entities


LEGAL OFFICE adw. Anna Kocik

ADDRESS: ul. Struga 26 lok. 38, 90-513 Łódź

TELEPHONE: 503 482 555


AREA OF LAW: criminal law, civil law, family law


LEGAL OFFICE AK LEGAL Kancelaria Adwokacka  adw. Aneta Kołodziejczyk

ADDRESS: ul. Piotrkowska 111, 90-425 Łódź

TELEPHONE: 694 759 627


AREA OF LAW: civil law, commercial law, family law, labour law, criminal law


LEGAL OFFICE adw. Klaudia Kostrzewa

ADDRESS: Ul. Więckowskiego 20 lok.42, 90-722 Łódź

TELEPHONE: 507 336 370


AREA OF LAW: civil law, contract law, company law, commercial law, family law, law on foreigners, administrative law, labour law, copyright law, consumer law


LEGAL OFFICE adw. Bartosz Kucharski

ADDRESS: Piotrkowska 46, 90-265 Łódź

TELEPHONE: 42 630 55 93, 502 053 985


AREA OF LAW: civil law, contract law, family law, commercial law,  company law, commercial insurance law


LEGAL OFFICE adw. Damian Kuchta

ADDRESS: ul. Targowa 35, 90-043 Łódź

TELEPHONE: 697 718 743


AREA OF LAW: civil law, criminal law, labour law, company law, law of succession, indemnity law, medical law


LEGAL OFFICE adw. Anna Łowicka

ADDRESS:  ul. Wierzbowa 40 lok. 52, 90-133 Łódź

TELEPHONE: 42 678 62 22,  42 632 76 88


AREA OF LAW: civil law, commercial law, family law


LEGAL OFFICE adw. Mariusz Mazepus

ADDRESS:  ul. Tuwima 30/7, 90-002 Łódź

TELEPHONE: 48 500 600 858, 48 42 630 21 17



LEGAL OFFICE adw. Marcin Olejnik

ADDRESS:  ul. Narutowicza 69 lok.8

TELEPHONE: 512 004 626


AREA OF LAW: criminal law (ENA, extradition), penal fiscal law, including VAT tax, excise (tobacco, alcohol), CIT, indemnities/compensationes (road traffic crashesmedical errors), real property management law, construction law, disputes with travelling agencies and transport companies


LEGAL OFFICE adw. Piotr Paduszyński

ADDRESS: al.Kościuszki 52 lok.5, 90-428 Łódź

TELEPHONE: 42 639 85 71


AREA OF LAW: civil law, criminal law, commercial law


LEGAL OFFICE adw. Adam Paradowski

ADDRESS:  ul. Piotrkowska 60, 90-105 Łódź

TELEPHONE: 693 636 484


AREA OF LAW: civil law, commercial law, criminal law


LEGAL OFFICE adw. Krzysztof Pawlak

ADDRESS:  ul. Uniwersytecka 18 lok. 25, 90-243 Łódź

TELEPHONE: 601 649 744


AREA OF LAW: general practice, labour law, civil law, family law, criminal law


LEGAL OFFICE adw. Honorata Piskozub

ADDRESS:  ul. Sułkowskiego 59, Łódź 94-307

TELEPHONE: 48 607 215 500


AREA OF LAW: film production, FIDIC Conditions of Contracts


LEGAL OFFICE adw. Mikołaj Płóciennik

ADDRESS:  Ul. Piotrkowska 102 a 90-004 Łódź

TELEPHONE: 606 486 980


AREA OF LAW: law on foreigners


LEGAL OFFICE adw.  Edgar Rogielewicz

ADDRESS:  Łódź , ul. Narutowicza 40 / 3a

TELEPHONE: 505 45 27 18


AREA OF LAW: criminal law (extradition), civil law, law on foreigners


LEGAL OFFICE adw.  Janusz  Słomka

ADDRESS: Al. Konstytucji  3 Maja  nr 44 , 96-200 Rawa  Mazowiecka

TELEPHONE: 46/814 58 80  , 691 671 165


AREA OF LAW: civil law,  company law, family law


LEGAL OFFICE adw. Natalia Szałamacha

ADDRESS: ul. Piotrkowska 107, 90-425 Łódź

TELEPHONE: 42 207  66 92; 884 887 935


AREA OF LAW: administrative law, help with granting residence status, help with matters concerning employment, services for entrepreneurs, civil law


LEGAL OFFICE adw. Marek Śniegucki

ADDRESS:  ul. A.Struga 16, 90-513 Łódź

TELEPHONE: 42 637 57 13



LEGAL OFFICE adw. Marcin Świeszkowski

ADDRESS:  ul. S Sterlinga 17/8

TELEPHONE: 42 678 89 66


AREA OF LAW: commercial law


LEGAL OFFICE adw. Malina Tarczyńska – Kubiak

ADDRESS: ul. Narutowicza 57 lok. 2A, 90–130 Łódź

TELEPHONE: 508 280 780


AREA OF LAW: commercial law, commercial law,  civil law


LEGAL OFFICE adw. Karolina Walent-Marszałek

ADDRESS: ul. Kilińskiego 101, 90-011 Łódź

TELEPHONE: 48 534 160 560; 48 534 109 409;


AREA OF LAW: civil law, commercial law, family law, services for entrepreneurs, transport law, consumer law, criminal law


LEGAL OFFICE adw. Monika Walińska

ADDRESS: ul. Radwańska 4 lok. 1 , 90-453 Łódź

TELEPHONE: 695 439 280


AREA OF LAW: family law, law of succession, criminal law


LEGAL OFFICE adw. Bartosz Zacharek

ADDRESS:  ul. Piotrkowska 270, lok. 412,90-361 Łódź

TELEPHONE: 48 506 377 604, 48 426842847


AREA OF LAW: civil law, commercial law


LEGAL OFFICE adw. Tomasz Zakrzewski

ADDRESS: ul. Aleja Partyzantów 7, 96-300 Żyrardów

TELEPHONE: 501 703 082


AREA OF LAW: civil law,  family law, criminal law, labour law, administrative law